Projekt "Vrboska Live"

We offer our services not only throughout Germany, but also in Croatia. With a branch office on the island of Hvar, we provide remote properties with Internet access and use video surveillance to ensure that the operators of vacation properties can always keep a close eye on what is happening on their property when they cannot be there themselves.
This is how we came across the company "S3MEA d.o.o.". With their "WhatsUpCams" service, they provide a platform that makes it easy to publish live streams of interesting places and events in high resolution.
To give you an impression, we have installed two WebCams on the island of Hvar, in a small fishing village called Vrboska, and made them available to you via "WhatsUpCams".

We would like to emphasize the ideal benefit for your destination.

This solution gives you the opportunity to present your property, such as a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant and much more, in the best possible way on the Internet.

The close partnership with S3MEA d.o.o. enables us to offer our customers even more added value and to further strengthen their online presence.

The live image can be easily integrated into any website and even streamed live on YouTube.

With our solution, you can immerse potential new customers in the heart of your idyllic surroundings and convince them directly of the beauty of your location - an unbeatable way to attract new guests to your property.

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